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Frequently Asked Questions

The County Council is currently made up of nine members: five elected in a district and four elected at-large (by the entire county).
Question C would create two new seats on the council by adding two new district councilmembers, while maintaining the four at-large seats. This would create seven new districts and maintain the four at-large seats, thereby increasing the council to 11 members.
Question D would eliminate the four at-large seats and create nine separate districts.
No. Every county resident currently votes for five members of the Council: their district councilmember and the four at-large. This means that you can contact five people to help fix your pothole, install a streetlight, or advocate for smaller classrooms or environmental policy.
Eliminating the at-large seats would reduce your representation from 5 representatives to 1 representative.
Removing the at-large seats would create parochialism on the council, pitting communities against each other.
The structure of the current council was created in 1990. In the 30 years since, our population has increased by 50%. It’s time to update and modernize our council structure to reflect the growing needs of our county and to create more manageable sized districts, while keeping the important perspective provided by the at-large members.
No one knows where the new districts would be. Whether the voters choose to create seven districts (Question C), nine districts (Question D) or keep the status quo, all districts will be drawn in 2021 by the Redistricting Commission based on population data from the 2020 Census. Each district will need to have the same number of residents and be drawn as compactly as possible.